Frequently Asked Questions

Who is for? is for the community of people, service providers, and manufacturers that focus on the most natural way to restore health and want to collect the health data to prove it.

Our community does not believe that "every ill deserves a pill" and actively seeks out holistic remedies and solutions that enhance human health.

Our community understands that some conditions require prescription medications but, in cases where there is an option, the most natural approach is always best.

What is is a wellness marketplace that leverages healthcare data-sharing and AI to curate scientifically proven products and services that prevent, reduce, and eliminate dependence on unnecessary prescription medication to create luxury wellness - the highest level of convenience, transparency, and results.

The marketplace works with service providers and manufacturers to verify performance at the blood work level.

The marketplace works with service providers and manufacturers to provide you with discounted rates that you can apply to your purchases and adds the benefit of tracking the performance of products and services using your healthcare data (with or without your current primary care doctor). That means, the most expensive part - blood diagnostics and imaging scans - do not need to be repeated and will most likely completely covered by your insurance because it's order by your doctor.

Is HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, all of the healthcare data collected using HIPAA compliant technologies. No identifiable healthcare data is saved or stored on this website.

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